Hoxton Redsox


We deliver award winning visual effects


Thorpe Park / An island like no other

  • client / Thorpe Park
  • agency / TBWA
  • creatives / Ant & Zoe

Hoxton Redsox have recently spent 8 weeks on 'an Island like no other'... the latest TV spot for Thorpe Park. Stefan Gerstheimer supervised the 12 strong team through all stages of CG involved in achieving the 'hyper real' island for TBWA Manchester. Redsox worked closely with the agency and its creatives on all aspects of the ad, from the 'epicness' of the island design and construction to the simpler sky replacements and plate clean-ups. It was great working directly with TBWA Manchester on a project of this nature and a pleasure to help them realise their vision. Everyone here's looking forward to more theme park fun in the future.


Lords MCC / Laws of Cricket

  • client / Lords - MCC
  • production / Hoxton Redsox
  • design / Hoxton Redsox

We've just completed work on a fantastic project for Lords & Marylebone Cricket Club. Redsox designed, animated and produced a series of films explaining five of the more complicated 'Laws of Cricket'. Our keen cricketer, Tommy, is schooled in the finer points of each Law by Stephen Fry with the aid of an animated blackboard. The films were commissioned to appeal to a wide range of cricket followers, with Urdu and Hindi versions also available at the Lords website. (link)

Prometheus Viral / Transmission

  • client / Fox
  • production / RSA Films
  • director / Johnny Hardstaff
  • awards / Cannes Gold Lion

We are very proud to have worked on another 'viral film' that has been released as part of Ridley Scott's Prometheus Blu-ray. The 7 minute long 'Transmission', our 3rd collaboration with designer/director Johnny Hardstaff, was by far the most challenging and rewarding to date. The film's various frequencies are intended to be discovered by intelligent extraterrestrial life and portray the diversity of culture and life on Earth. The full length version of Transmission can be seen on the Prometheus Blu-ray.


Prometheus Viral / Happy Birthday David

  • client / Fox
  • production / RSA Films
  • director / Johnny Hardstaff
  • awards / British Arrows Gold
  • awards / D&AD Pencil x2

We are very proud to have completed post production on this viral for Ridley Scotts` latest feature 'Prometheus'. Designed and directed by Johnny Hardstaff it shows the unboxing of Weyland Industries latest robot `David`, played by Michael Fassbender. A dedicated team at Redsox replaced all backgrounds with CG sets, composited live action plates and animated graphic overlays in order to realise Johnnys` vision. We are delighted to have been involved in such a creative project which has garnered a hugely positive online reaction. Happy birthday Hoxton Redsox!


Titanic Belfast / Cave

  • client / Titanic Belfast
  • production / ISO Design
  • director / ISO Design

We have completed work on a highly immersive experience for the Titanic Belfast Museum, which has recently opened to mark the centenary of the ships`maiden voyage. The exhibition, for which ISO produced and designed all interactives, has generated a huge amount of interest around the world. Redsox was commissioned to create a CG animation of the ship through 6 different levels. During the process great care was taken to keep as close to the original plans and design of the ship as possible. The mammoth task of rendering 4 minutes of HD footage for three screens (18,000 frames) was completed in-house using our purpose built render farm. At the end of such an involved project it's really great to know that the installation has exceeded everyone's expectations and will be seen by thousands for many years to come...


Film 4 / Your films at 9

  • client / Film 4
  • production / ISO Design
  • director / ISO Design

Hoxton Redsox was approached by ISO to work on a series of idents for Film4. Designed by Mark Breslin, and influenced by classic 70s cinema posters, the brief was both elegant and ambitious. Redsox rose to the challenge creating numerous iconic film moments which explode onto the screen, revealing the Film4 logo while forming intricate slow motion compositions.


Phillips / Darkroom

  • client / Phillips
  • agency / DBB London
  • production / RSA Films
  • director / Johnny Hardstaff
  • awards / British Arrows Gold

Ridley Scott Associates created a series of short films for the Philips Parallel Lines campaign. Like their predecessor 'Carousel', they emphasised the filmic qualities of Philips Cinema 21:9 televisions. Johnny Hardstaff wrote, designed and directed 'DarkRoom' a voyeuristic look into a dark futuristic city. The beautifully shot live action was complimented with CG cityscapes, props and effects. All visual effects were supervised by Paul McGeoch who also worked as part of a small and committed team of animators and comping artists.


Radiohead / Like Spinning Plates

  • client / Radiohead
  • agency / Parlophone
  • production / Black Dog
  • director / Johnny Hardstaff
  • awards / D&AD nominated

Johnny Hardstaff was approached by Radiohead to direct a longer format 'special commission' for the track 'Like Spinning Plates'. Johnny designed all components, environments, graphics and live action scenes. Initially only a few CG shots of the spinning centrifuge were required. However early tests based on Johnny's artwork were so successful that ultimately most shots in the 6 minute film contained CG. Paul McGeoch led a small team who worked tirelessly for 7 weeks on the expanded shot list. Final compositing was expertly handled by Barnsley at the Mill London.